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Delivery Man 2013 full movie
Delivery Man 2013 full movie / Vince just realised that he have a lot of kids

I’m here with a new good comedy! And I knew that this comedy will be really funny and interesting because I kinda already watched it about a year or two ago but with some other actors! What I mean is this is actually an american remake of a french-Canadian movie that is called "Starbuck". And I think that both movies are really great and hilarious but the original is still always a bit better! I highly recommend you to watch the french-Canadian one first with subtitles and watch this one after that! And even if they are quite the same, still you won’t regret spending your time for this!

Delivery Man 2013 full movie tells us a very funny and unbelievable story about a man who is just a usual delivery man and whose name is David Wozniak (played by Vince Vaughn). He was a sperm donor for 20-25 years ago and he suddenly knows that he is a biological father of 533 children! And the reason he knows that is because the large group of his children petition the sperm bank to reveal his identity! I think that such thing is going to shock any man and he is to decide what to do next! And this time his girlfriend is pregnant and she is deciding whether he would be a suitable father for her child! And he also needs to prove this to himself to prove it to her and to become the best father in the world!Talking a speech in front of all his sons and daughters
I have already brought you a lot of different full movies: Oldboy 2013 and Escape Plan 2013, The Wolf of Wall Street 2013 and The Book Thief 2013 etc. But I think that this one, that I bring to you now is totally one of the best! I like it because it is a movie about a kind man who is not rich and who hasn’t done anything outstanding in his life but who has a beautiful soul that makes him really special and different from the others! This movie shows us that we make a lot of bad decisions in our lives but it’s never late to make a good one as the main character does! You will see as the usual man does some usual things to people who are his biological children but they don’t even know each other, but his actions seem so kind and so right that you just can’t stay calm while you are watching this movie!One of posters of the upcoming Delivery Man 2013 movie
So the Delivery Man movie is a movie for people with feelings and for people with souls! And if you are one of those people than you should totally watch this movie because it won’t let you to stay indifferent! I believe that it would be great if we have more such touching and good movies to watch, because they can make us a bit kind and better! I hope that my words have made you to want to watch this beautiful movie and that you won’t regret your time and have a good time!

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