Cumberbatch – does he looks like Assange?

Cumberbatch - does he looks like Assange? News

Cumberbatch - does he looks like Assange?Did you download The Fifth Estate torrent and watch the movie? If you still haven’t done it then you really should, because this movie is very exciting and interesting! I think this movie is quite interesting because it tells us a story about the creator of WikiLeaks project whose name is Julian Assange! And in this movie he will be played by quite talented rising movie star, Benedict Cumberbatch. But how do you think, Cumberbatch - does he looks like Assange?Assange as himself.
Some of my friends think that Cumberbatch doesn’t look like Assange at all and taking this role was a big mistake because they are too different! And one of my friends said that Cumberbatch should play some people that have problems with alcohol because he looks like one of them! Well, I think that’s a bit funny but not true at all! And I actually think that Benedict and Julian look really alike! So, you can see them both on photos and compare them by yourself to make your own decisions!Cumberbatch trying to look like Assange
So, Cumberbatch shows us that he is a really good actor and he can play such a difficult role and play it very well! And if he even doesn’t look like Assange, still, he is using his great actor skills to make us believe in what’s happening on a screen! And in few minutes you already begin to believe that you are looking at real Assange! So, I hope that you will like this movie and you will see that Benedict Cumberbatch is a real rising movie star that has a great future in movie industry and it’s quite possible that he will even get an Oscar award very soon! By the way, I have another cool thing for you that is called Benedict Cumberbatch Name Generator, so just check it and have a beautiful time!

Pretty picture showing Cumberbatch and Assange
Cumberbatch - does he looks like Assange? / Pretty picture showing Cumberbatch and Assange

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