Chronicles of Riddick Soundtrack

Chronicles of Riddick Soundtrack Soundtracks
Chronicles of Riddick Soundtrack
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I assure you - this music will drive you mad. In a good way, of course. I don’t know how it will affect you, but for me the Chronicles of Riddick soundtrack was a really good piece of fresh air in the movies soundtracks. I can’t imagine who were hiring these guys which creates or even chooses from the existing music the soundtracks for the latter movies, but it was gross, in my humble opinion. It wasn’t fit the frame, it wasn’t actually completes the stage, it just messes around and ruining my opinion of the whole movie. Yes, you can say that it’s a matter of personal musical taste, but you can agree with me in the inside, think about it.Riddick in the wastelands without any music
Scores are great, when they’re using orchestra version of something familiar, like the songs of Beatles or maybe Queen, and they fits in the picture really well. So they used their old experience and in the Riddick 2013 movie they did so - and I’m really thankful for it, because it do what it should do - it completes the picture of the movie so you can go deep in it until the very end. Chronicles of Riddick is known for the good music in it, you know, and you should see it to get sure in it.

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