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Gravity movie spoilersSpoilers
Gravity movie spoilers
Starting from august 28 you will have the possibility to watch this new movie with Sandra Bullock and George Clooney in the main roles in the cinema or
Machete Kills 2013 spoilersSpoilers
Machete Kills 2013 spoilers
September 26, 2013 will start showing the movie Machete sequel. Machete kills 2013 will please fans of action a great cast. In the movie you will see well-known
All Kick-Ass 2 spoilersSpoilers
All Kick-Ass 2 spoilers
Guess what I’m bringing you tonight? All spoilers and leaked information on second part of these great series! Do you like to know everything about it
Runner Runner movie plotSpoilers
Runner Runner 2013 movie plot
Recently I can see many movies and information leaks based on the latest events and trends. For example, this Runner Runner movie. Its plot describes us
How Wolverine will change in new movie?News
How Wolverine will change in new movie?
As you can remember from the first movie, Wolverine was tough guy. Tough, but not cruel, and it is that what makes people love him. Of course, that’s not
R.I.P.D spoilersSpoilers
R.I.P.D spoilers
Oh God, I’m so eager to see this movie. I want it very bad, because this is a new, fresh word for the Hollywood movies. It’s based on a comic book, of
The World's End spoilersSpoilers
The World’s End 2013 spoilers
Do you like it? Of course you do like it! I don’t know any human being on this planet who doesn’t like Simon Pegg and Nick Frost’s movies!
The To Do List movie scriptSpoilers
The To Do List movie script
Yes, mostly you can find here action movies and comedies, but I like dramas as much as I like anything else! So, in the 26th of July The To Do List movie
The Internship spoilers and downloadsSpoilers
The Internship 2013 spoilers and downloads
Did you knew that the Internship movie is sponsored by Google? Yes, Google sponsored many titles, you can even see it in credits of full G.
Elysium spoilersSpoilers
Elysium spoilers
I did saw this new Elysium trailer, and something more. I already said that I got the right friends, and I love them all very much (I really do!
Kick-Ass 2, what's new is waiting for us?Spoilers
Kick-Ass 2, what’s new is waiting for us?
Movies based on a comics usually is one of the best fantastic movies. Well, they got the plot, they got heroes, they got writer who know everything about
Despicable me 2 Lucy WildeNews
Lucy Wilde in Despicable Me 2
Full animated on computer cartoons is my favorite type of any cartoons. I’m in deep love in Pixar Production, Dreamworks Pictures, and many more famous
World War Z 2013 plotSpoilers
World War Z 2013 plot
You all must know if you have read my blog since it began, that I generally love Brad Pitt (sincerely, girls, who doesn’t?). And of course I do like all
The Hangover Part 3 spoilersSpoilers
The Hangover Part 3 spoilers
 Do you guys like The Hangover series? They said this will be a trilogy. I generally like them. That’s why today I give you The Hangover Part 3 spoilers
Fast and Furios 6 spoilersSpoilers
Fast and Furious 6 spoilers
I know lots of people who want to know something special about upcoming movies before they released. I don’t know why they need so - it spoils most interesting
yellow brick roadSpoilers
Oz: The Great and Powerful photos
Oh, I almost forgot! I've rummaged tons of pictures and selected most remarkable ones. Today I want to share them with you. Be careful, high resolution
morgan freeman in oblivionSpoilers
Oblivion spoilers
This is one of my most wanted movies. I've been looking for some information and other stuff about this movie and some Elysium movie spoilers and now I
Klingon Star TrekSpoilers
Star Trek: Into Darkness spoilers
As I said before, I’m really excited about new movie in Star Trek universe. Today I was browsing my favorite sites and accidently faced new information
Star Trek Into Darkness villain revealedSpoilers
Star Trek: Into Darkness – Villain revealed!
Are you excited about new movie in the universe of Star Trek? I am! And one of the most interesting things, of course, is a villain. This information was