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Stallone vs. De Niro - who'll win?Actors
Stallone vs. De Niro – who’ll win?
Today I’m going to tell you about the really hilarious sport comedy about two aging boxers! There is a lot of attention paid to this new cool movie in
Only daughters family in Osage countyNews
Only daughters family in Osage county
Having recently watched the August: Osage County movie I have thought about the fact that I’m the only child and that’s still quite good to be an only
Crazy cast of American Hustle movieNews
Crazy cast of American Hustle movie
American Hustle 2013 movie was originally titled as "American Bullshit" but I think that the second name is better! I want to pay some special attention
Walter Mitty is modern superheroNews
Walter Mitty is modern superhero
I have recently watched the Secret Life of Walter Mitty 2013 movie and I must say that Walter Mitty is modern superhero! We all have seen enough different
Classic rock music begins with Llewyn DavisNews
Classic rock music begins with Llewyn Davis
Oh, how I love the music itself and the movies with good music! And now we are able to watch a new beautiful movie that’s called Inside Llewyn Davis 2013
Deep in elder seasNews
Deep in elder seas
I think that you really should download Walking with Dinosaurs 3D movie because it is the second movie about the dinosaurs that has such wonderful special
Ron Burgundy is back!News
Ron Burgundy is back!
Hey guys! Have you heard the news? Ron Burgundy is back! And he has brought us some new cool funny jokes in Anchorman: The Legend Continues 2013 movie
True Walt Disney storyNews
True Walt Disney story
I’m here to tell you a bit about the true Walt Disney story that is going to be shown to you in new Saving Mr. Banks 2013 movie! This new wonderful movie
Army of few men is strong armyNews
Army of few men is strong army
I think that this is the movie where the quality is actually more important than the quantity! Do you remember the story about the 300 spartans?
New classic christmas movieNews
New classic christmas movie
Sometimes I tell you about the movies that I don’t really like for some reason and A Madea Christmas 2013 movie is one of this kind! Whether I like this
Nelson Mandela's political viewsNews
Nelson Mandela’s political views
After watching Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom movie for my personal surprise I suddenly began to think of Nelson Mandela’s political views and his role
Nicole Kidman as a princessNews
Nicole Kidman as a princess
How often can we see a really good Hollywood actress playing the role of another Hollywood actress? I think that such things happen a bit more often than
Mickey Mouse figure in Saving Mr. Banks movieNews
Mickey Mouse figure in Saving Mr. Banks movie
When I was beginning to watch Saving Mr. Banks online, I was actually waiting to see some Disney characters in this movie because it is made by Disney
Oldboy 2013 movie spoilersNews
Oldboy 2013 movie spoilers
Before you begin to watch Oldboy 2013 online on my website I advise you to watch the South Korean original of this movie because telling the truth, it
Saving Mr. Banks 2013 spoilersNews
Saving Mr. Banks 2013 spoilers
I hope that you have already heard that Disney Pictures company have made a new cool movie in which you will be able to see the father of this company
Walking with Dinosaurs 3D spoilersNews
Walking with Dinosaurs 3D spoilers
Have you already watched the Walking with Dinosaurs full movie? If you still haven’t done it then I think that you really should do it right after reading
Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom 2013 spoilersNews
Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom spoilers
Before you start to download the torrent of this movie, I want to tease you a little bit more and give you Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom 2013 spoilers.
White actors in Black Nativity movieActors
White actors in Black Nativity movie
Don’t you think that its kinda wrong to make movies with only black or white actors? How d you think, isn’t that a racism? I just can’t understand why
Delivery Man 2013 spoilersNews
Delivery Man 2013 spoilers
Before you go and download Delivery Man 2013 torrent, I want give you some more information about this new wonderful comedy movie with Vince Vaughn playing
About Time 2013 spoilersNews
About Time 2013 spoilers
Let’s imagine that you have got a possibility to go in time a little bit further and watch the new movie called About Time! And to help you imagine that