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Carrie 2013 trailer
Carrie 2013 trailer / Chloe Moretz in a car with some guy

I’m here again and here I have got a very good trailer for you, actually I think that Carrie 2013 trailer is one of the best this year! This trailer made me tremble and scream like crazy because I want to watch this movie so much! And that’s not only because I adore Chloe Moretz that plays the main role of Carrie in this movie, but because this movie is based on Stephen King’s book of the same name and after watching the trailer I understood that this movie is going to be really cool and even better than book!Oh noes - bloody picture of Chloe Moretz!
So as we can see from this trailer, Carrie is a girl, who lives with her strange and very religious fanatic mother that always makes her life more difficult! Carrie has some troubles with other pupils in school because everyone tries to make fun of her! But one day she finds out that she has some really cool supernatural powers such as telekinesis! And she begins to train to use it while her mother can’t see her! Carrie’s life becomes better and she becomes more self-confident because she knows that she is not a usual girl! But then we see that some of the pupils in school want to make a final joke of her, and that joke won’t be forgiven! So, yeah, Carrie will burn the school to the ground! So just check the torrent version of this movie and have a great time!

She would kill you all

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