Captain Richard Phillips story

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Captain Richard Phillips story

So, do you like pirates and pirate theme? I do, after watching Pirates of the Caribbean, but I don’t like it in the real life. So, this story is like, real pirates, in the real life, in 21st century! It can sound like madness, but this is true, this movie will describe us a story of a first pirate robbery in the whole American history from the 19th century.With the bag - Captain Phillips going long way That was a ship with a crew of 20 men, who peacefully floated in the waters with the cargo, and suddenly small boat with highly aggressive men onboard floated by, and they was armed. So, the deal was dealt – ship was hijacked with the real pirates, and cargo goes to the wrong direction. Of course, you can just watch Runner Runner full movie online and forget about it, but it’s true, and it was in real life. Just read carefully.
So, this is the real captain Richard Phillips story, because he was the one who canceled this action and overboarded his own ship. This is a story of a bravery and unity, without his crew captain hardly would assign what he’s assigned, and did what he should do. It’s like Tom Cruise in the Oblivion movie described here, when one man must do something very hard to do. It would lead a way for a desperate and young men, who doesn’t know what they’re is up to. Of course, not everyone who would see this movie will get the main point of it, but I trust, that it will fire a little light in their hearts. And in your hearts, and in my, and even in a most desperate man’s heart. I hope. And what do you think?

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  1. Terry September 14, 2013 2:48 am 

    Who is responsible for writing the above paragraph? It is so badly written that the author should hide his or her head in shame. Doesn’t anyone proof read anymore? Some of the sentences don’t even make sense. There is improper usage and omission of words which makes the sentences sound ridiculous. How pathetic!!!!

  2. Lori Polin September 14, 2013 3:28 pm 

    Terry, I’m deeply ashamed. I’m scattering my head with ash. I’m sorry for your blood from your eyes.

  3. JC September 24, 2013 4:54 am 

    I have no idea if I want to watch this movie…but this review and the comments? I’d pay to read it.

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