Blue Jasmine by Woody Allen full movie

Blue Jasmine by Woody Allen full movie Leaks
Blue Jasmine by Woody Allen full movie
Blue Jasmine by Woody Allen full movie / Happy couple

Of course, Hollywood is made not only of action, westerns, and comedy movies. Dramas also takes their places, and this place is really great - it’s often nominated on Oscars, and often wins it, not just by chance! I don't know, by the way, if we can count Elysium full movie like a drama, but in my opinion - we can. Well, this new Woody Allen’s movie shouldn’t make an exception for this rule, because I saw its trailer and I should say that it will tell us very strong story about two sisters. One of them (Blue Jasmine) made a great party in her life, with her rich husband, big house, and nothing really to do. Second one is not so lucky, she have got to live in small flat around the city, with not so rich environment around.Blue Jasmine by Woody Allen full movie
Of course, their lives must to interfere into each other, so everyone will look into others’ life in their eyes. I think Blue Jasmine by Woody Allen full movie will take watcher’s nerves and don’t release it until the end. Of course, since it’s drama, you can’t compare it to the comedies like World’s End full length movie, and you can't compare them to thrillers, like Vehicle 19 full movie, but it’s not a surprise. I believe that when you will watch it, you will live in this movie with these sisters and their lives, dream their dreams and suffer their unpleasant moments of life with them. I’m not talking from nothing, you know - it’s Woody Allen, and he is the master - twenty-three Oscar nominations means a lot. What do you think of it?

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