Black Nativity 2013 trailer

Black Nativity 2013 trailer Trailers

I wanted to download Black Nativity 2013 drama but decided to watch the Black Nativity 2013 trailer first! I can say that this trailer shows us some interesting musical moments of this musical drama movie but it doesn’t show us anything more! And I can’t say that this trailer did it’s job well, because it’s job is to make me want to watch this movie and to tease me a little, but I have quite mixed feelings about it and now I’m not really sure about watching this movie!Uncle and aunt walking in the streets
So, what do we have in this trailer? We can see the main characters, and we can listen to their singing a bit! And that’s all! I think that people who made this trailer should have done it more informative and full than it is now! When I was watching some other trailers, I had some feelings about the upcoming movie but this is just not this kind of trailer so I will wait a little before watching the Black Nativity 2013 movie!

Black Nativity 2013 trailer
Black Nativity 2013 trailer / It's time to talk to some relatives
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