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About Time and Butterfly Effect

One of the best posters to the movie of all time - About Time 2013
About Time and Butterfly Effect / One of the best posters to the movie of all time

I have finished to watch About Time full movie and thought about the traveling in time and movies about it and they first movie that came into my mind was the Butterfly Effect! I can’t say that About Time and Butterfly Effect seem the same to me but they have two details that made me to think about the Butterfly effect while watching About Time! And these details are love and time-travelling that we can see in both movies! And both ideas are not new at all but still look very interesting and fresh when you watch such great movies as these two!Confused time - great picture
But if we compare these two movies we can see that the time-travelling can work in two different ways! In Butterfly Effect movie the main character just went to some random place and time and I think that’s he is lucky not to get to some dinosaurs! And in About Time movie we see that the main character uses his power and gets to some particular moment in his life that he wants to visit! And I think that it is much more useful and interesting to choose where to go then just let the fortune decide it for you! But still there is one thing that makes time-travelling quite disappointing! And this is that you can’t change everything and you can’t run from your destiny! So such ability as to travel in time is not only a cool thing but it is quite sad one and it has made characters’ lives more complicated that they were before! So I can’t say that I would like to have such power as to travel in time because it is a big responsibility and stress!

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