About Time 2013 trailer

About Time 2013 trailer Trailers

I really want you to watch the About Time 2013 trailer, because it seems to be the most romantic and charming movie this year! I must say that even the international website of this movie looks very cute and shows us the atmosphere of this new wonderful movie!About Time 2013 trailer
So, the trailer of this movie shows us what we are going to see in the full version of this movie that you can easily find by reading my post about it! So, before you go to watch the full movie, let’s see what its trailer brings to us! Here we can see a young guy who is not really successful and happy in his life! And one day the fortune comes back to him and his father tells him that everyone in their family has a really special gift, if to say more particular – they can travel in time!Pretty girl of main hero of About Time 2013 movie
And I can’t say that the main character wasn’t a really interesting and good person even before he knew about his gift, because he is a real romantic and I can say that it’s quite a rare quality nowadays! So, he uses his ability to find his true love and to be with her! And then he finds her and here the most interesting part begins, because he tries many ways to get close to her and to make their life perfect and wonderful! So, I can tell that this trailer showed us a lot of good moments of this movie but don’t be afraid, there are a lot more!

Father explains how exactly does it work
About Time 2013 trailer / Father explains how exactly does it work
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