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My name is Lori. check this out Lori Polin. I'm in love in all of art types - theatre, music, books - since my childhood. I loved paint when I was young so much and had visited art school, but my life had its' own plans on me. I don't have work of art now - I'm real estate broker in New-York. Also, when I have free time, I do humanitarian working with injured veterans.
I would like this site to be about cinema and my most favourite movies. I want to share my thoughts and have an opinions about them from all of readers.

continue reading My favourite Hollywood actors:

  • Gerard Butler more info . I love him! He is such a cutie, especcialy in the RocknRolla!
  • Brad Pitt learn more here . No comments left here, because I'm sure you understand why I do like him.
  • Vin Diesel. I can't stand with his brutality. I've seen all of his movies. Waiting The Fast and The Furious 6 with such inpatience!
  • Hugh Jackman. I think that this man is a best actor ever. Hugh Jackman has so many roles and so many types that I just amazed. He has no badges like "one-time superhero - every-time superhero".