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About Last Night 2014 movie via torrent Leaks

The About Last Night 2014 movie actually proves my little theory that there is a serious lack of new ideas in modern american movie industry because most of the ideas of new movies are actually quite old so now there are really lots of different remakes or just movies that are based on some old theatrical plays! So, About Last Night full movie is based on David Mamet’s play called Sexual Perversity in Chicago which was made in 1974 and it is also a remake of the 1986 movie of the same name. Anyway, I don’t think that you have seen that old movie or the play because I didn’t even hear about it earlier and that’s why I don’t think that it will be less interesting for you to watch it especially if I say that this movie is going to be shown in the cinemas only in february of 2014 and still you are already able to download About Last Night movie torrent or to watch it online right now!About Last Night 2014 movie via torrent
This movie is quite good romantic comedy-drama movie which is directed by Steve Pink who is best known for his work on such movies as Accepted and Hot Tub Time Machine! As for me, the cast of this movie doesn’t really consist of some really big movie stars as there are in some new movies, for example - in Last Vegas 2013 movie! But there are still quite good and talented actors such as Michael Ealy, Kevin Hart, Joy Bryant, Regina Hall, Christopher McDonald and some others!Happy couple is enjoying their life
I think that this movie tells us the story about the surprising and sudden love and passion between people! But it’s really hard to tell the real love from the passion and that’s why there are some really dramatic moments in this movie that are actually really important for the plot and that make this movie more interesting and realistic! Here you will be able to see young people who actually met in some bar and everything seemed to finish in a one night stand but the next morning it turned out that they actually have some strong feelings to each other so they decided to try to build some relationship together still understanding that first they need to get to know each other better!

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